My amigos, it’s been a minute. Not to worry, I’ve been doing plenty of manly stuff over the winter months since I had to retire my boat and motorcycle for the season. My buddy Chris, who’s a SICK DJ (check him out at, flew up to Kelowna for the winter for some snowboarding. One night over a few too many beers, we decided we could do better than these commercial breweries. We bought a home brew kit from Amazon. Dude, waking up the next morning was rough. I thought I could handle my alcohol, but I forgot what Chris is made of. We thoughtRead More →

So I got my boat stored… PHEW! I decided to go with Kelowna Marine Storage. Pretty good rates, very pleased with the service. Now all I need to do is store my bike :/ All of my readers out there that ride bikes, how late do you insure your motorcycle? My insurance expires TOMORROW and I literally have no idea where to store it. Backing up, I ride a 2006 Honda Shadow 750cc and she’s a real beaut. Purchased at 21 xxx kms in June and put about 3k kms on this summer. See a video: The only place I have found that does bikeRead More →

The title say’s it all, its fricken cold dude. The leaves are dead, ground is frosty, and the interior of my car perspires more than I do on a forty degree day. I guess winter isn’t all bad..I mean there’s snowboarding, Carnival (in Quebec that is), and drifting cars in un-plowed parking lots….Okay now I feel a bit better… Despite the good things about winter, there are certainly some challenges associated with this cold miserable season fast approaching…Like winter tires, time to throw those puppies on…. But I digress, I currently have one problem… Where the hell do I store my boat for the winter.Read More →